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Clean Stainless Steel and Porcelain Sink

Clean your stainless steel sink on a daily basis to keep those nasty germs at bay.


We have to kill the germs that are in your sink on those microscopic food particles, you know the ones we can’t see. Keep a bottle of rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle under the sink and after each use give it a spray and rub down with a clean piece of kitchen towel, and say goodbye to those unwanted guests.

Now lets take a look at other things we need to be doing to keep that stainless steel clean and sparkling.

REMOVING RUST this isn’t as difficult as it sounds, our top tip is to use liquid lighter fuel, a non abrasive scouring powder and water. How do you so this? You only need to use a drop of lighter fuel and rub it into the area that has the rust mark, and then using your non abrasive scouring powder and water clean off the lighter fuel. I like to follow with a spray of windex and some kitchen towel to give my sink a sparkling shine.

A Water Mark this is so easy to remove simply use a soft cloth with rubbing alcohol on it a give it a rub. Again give your sink a sparkle with windex. I told you it was easy.

Other Stains on your stainless steel White vinegar or club soda will help remove any other marks and stains on your stainless steel sink and as i have said before I like to use windex.

These quick tips will give you a stainless steel sink to be proud of.

Porcelain Sink Cleaning can prove hard to clean as abrasive cleaners will dull the surface of your porcelain sink and in many cases scratch it as well. A tip I was given was to use Lemon Thyme, simply put 4-5 bunches of fresh lemon thyme into a 3 gallon metal bucket and fill it with boiling water. Put it safely to one side and leave it for about 6 hours, just before you go to bed put the stopper in your porcelain sink and pour in the tea. Leave it overnight and in the morning drain out and wipe round with a clean piece of kitchen towel. You not only have a sparkling sink but a lovely aroma in the kitchen as well.

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