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Find Out More About “House Elves Cleaning Services, LLC”

House Elves Cleaning Services LLC Is A Fully Licensed, Insured & Bonded
House Cleaning and Maid Services Company
Proud to Serve the Marietta/Woodstock/Canton Area


If You Live In or Around Marietta Ga

Our House Cleaning Services

Can Help You Come Home

To A Fresh Clean House

Without Having To Clean It Yourself!


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RE: Using House Cleaning Services…

(It’s More Important Than You Think!)

From: Lesley Thurmond
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Dear Homeowner,
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If you’re anything like me the last thing you want to do after a hard day at work, is to come home and do House Cleaning. And yet you know it’s GOT to be done. That’s where our House Elves Maid Services Can help you!


A clean home is more important than you might even think.


When your home is not clean, it’s really not a home, it’s just another house…Work to be done no matter how tired you are! But when it is clean, you feel good about yourself, and your whole family feels better about being there. It even affects the attitudes and patience levels of everyone and allows your family to get along better and live happier, more harmonious lives.

But again, SOMEBODY has got to do the work to make that happen!

But Just Imagine…

Imagine coming home everyday to a clean, dust free home, and being able to just relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. (After all, that’s WHY you’re working so hard…RIGHT?)

Imagine looking forward to your weekends, knowing that you no longer have to spend them cleaning your home!

Imagine not having to worry about how the house looks when unexpected visitors arrive at your door!

Imagine just being able to enjoy your house again, instead of looking at it as a second job that you have to find the time to do!

If You Live In the Marietta, Woodstock Area


House Elves Cleaning Services


Can Give You the Piece of Mind You Deserve!

We at House Elves Cleaning Services, know the importance of a clean home, and our Maid_Services are uniquely qualified to help you keep yours that way!

Born and bred in England, and coming from a long line of House Cleaners, I was taught how to properly clean a house. And I have always taken great pride in my work. The satisfaction I gain from happy customers is what I thrive on. And I make sure that we clean every home as if it were my very own!

And we offer our Professional Cleaning Services Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly, so that you can set your Maid Service on a schedule that best suits your home and your budget! We’ll even come and do a Quarterly, Bi-Annual or One Time House Cleaning to help you get a fresh start, if you prefer to do it yourself on a regular basis, or have just finished a construction phase and need a hand getting on top of it again, or are planning to sell your home and need to make it sparkle for your prospective Home Buyers.


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  At House Elves

Cleaning Services

Your Satisfaction Is

Our Primary Concern!

And we guarantee that you will be thrilled with the job we do for you!




Marietta House Cleaning Service-Checkmark 2Cobbweb and Dust Ceilings Walls, Baseboards, Windows, Doors, Trim, Wall Switches, Ceiling Fans, Furniture, Knick Knacks, Mirrors and Pictures in Every Room to help keep your dust problems always at a minimum

Marietta House Cleaning Service-Checkmark 3Sweep and Wash all Hard Surface Floors. Staying on top of your floor care will help protect them from wear through grime buildup, the biggiest killer of hard surface floors. Our regular attention to your Floors will greatly increase their lifespan, saving you money!

Marietta House Cleaning Service-Checkmark 4Vaccum all Carpets including Stairs and heavy traffic areas. Carpets are the main source of dust from the dirt on our shoes. By thoroughly vaccumming your caprets on a regular basis, your dust problem will be greatly reduced and your carpets will last longer. Again, saving you money!



Marietta House Cleaning Service-Checkmark 5Wipe down Kitchen Cabinets and Appliances.

Clean Microwave Ovens Inside and Out!

Marietta House Cleaning Service-Checkmark 6Thoroughly Clean Kitchen Counters, Backsplashes, Sinks and Faucets. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, and is therefore one of the hardest to keep clean. But through our regular services, you’ll find that your daily cleanups will be far easier and you’ll be able enjoy using your kitchen again.



Marietta House Cleaning Service-Checkmark 7Clean, Sanitize and Deodorize Showers, Tubs, Sinks, Counters, Mirrors and Toilets in every Bathroom. The bathroom is the worst room in the house for prevailing odors and germs and can easily spread those odors and germ throughout the rest of your house. Our service will solve this problem for you with our thorough sanitization techniques through the special but environmentally friendly products that we use.



Marietta House Cleaning Service-Checkmark 8Dust Laundry Room, Wipe Down Appliances and Sweep and Wash, or Vaccum the Floor. The Laundry room is another large contributor to the level of dust in your house. But by cleaning it regularly, you will help keep your house dust down and make it much less of a job to do the laundry.


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We know that no two homes are the same, and likewise, no two homeowners require the same type of Maid Services.

So we offer a plethera of additional services to make sure that YOU get the cleaning job you require to make your home as clean and comfortable as it can be.


By Special Request We Are Available To…

Marietta House Cleaning Service-Checkmark 9Wash The Inside of Your Windows

Marietta House Cleaning Service-Checkmark 10Clean Ovens and Replace Burner Pans

Marietta House Cleaning Service-Checkmark 11Clean and Deoderize Refridgerators and Freezers

Marietta House Cleaning Service-Checkmark 12And many other services that you might need.

All you have to do is Ask!

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