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The House Elves Cleaning Service

We offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly house cleaning services. If you require a one time clean or annual clean these can also be arranged for you. Whatever your need, our Maid Service is the best and the most affordable!

In every room we will start at the top with any cobwebs and ceiling fans of light fittings and work our way down to the bottom. We work our way around the room starting at the door working from left to right to ensure that nothing gets missed. The carpets will be vacuumed and hard floors will be swept and washed. All mirrors in your home will be cleaned as required.

In your bedrooms, in addition to the above the beds will be made if you leave clean linens out for us. If you leave your closet doors open we will vacuum inside them, but, if you leave them closed we will respect your privacy. Waste baskets will be emptied. We would ask that you pick up your clothes and any children’s toys.

The kitchen will include your appliances, counter tops and cabinets. Your sink will be cleaned and taps polished, your range top will be wiped down along with the outside of your dishwasher, refrigerator exterior including the top if accessible, and your microwave both inside and out.

Your bathrooms will have the bathtubs, showers, sinks and toilets cleaned thoroughly, taps and other chrome work will be polished, in addition to the above listed services for all rooms.

Our initial cleaning service may involve more time in your home which would incur a higher cost. We do not give quotes over the phone and a home visit is required prior to your hiring us so that we can price your home according to your needs and circumstances and not just on the size of your home.

Our House Cleaning Services are completely flexible to your schedule, if you are regularly scheduled for a Wednesday and one week this isn’t going to work for you just give us a call at least 48 hours before and we will rearrange as long as the new date does not conflict with another appointment.

Additional maid services available by request include:
• Oven
• Refrigerator – we will put everything back into the refrigerator that we take out, it is our policy not to discard anything, we would ask that you take care of this before the cleaning.
• Windows – we will do the inside of windows that we can reach without a ladder
• Inside your kitchen cabinets – This will require you to empty the cabinets prior to being cleaned

House Elves takes great pride in our house cleaning services. We respect your home as if it were our own. You can be confident that your home will be in safe hands with us.

House Elves Cleaning Services